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Honey Butter, just because!

8 Aug

I am a woman who loves toast in the morning. I have been on a real toast kick lately, so quick so easy and not too damned hot. I have taken to keeping this perfect treat of honey butter in the fridge for emergency snack fixes.

The trick to this is to get the butter and the honey both at room temperature so you don’t have to fight to get them to mix. I like to do this by hand because it is nice to get a big streaks of honey in the jar. If that idea makes you feel tired or too hot you can put it in a stand mixer with the paddle or whisk attached and mix it on medium for a minute. If you use salted butter no need to add it to the mix. If you want to get fancy, throw a little cinnamon in there with the honey and the butter and the salt and make pancakes right away because you will need them! I am eating mine on a nice, thick slice of Levain Batard from Easy Tiger. I am going to have to fight to not go back for another slice!


This makes enough to share with a friend!

8 oz butter (Lucky Layla), softened (the Texas heat makes quick work of this)

1/2 c. good local honey (I used Desert Creek Guajillo honey)

1 t. sea salt

1 t. cinnamon optional

Put all this in a bowl and mix it around with a spoon. Then, toast some bread or make the aforementioned pancakes and get down! Keep this in the fridge for two weeks, but it won’t last that long. I promise.

Thank you all for reading! I hope that this post finds you well and enjoying summer. It feels good to be tapping these keys again.