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I Love Migas!

6 Aug

Hi all,

This is really one of my all time favorite breakfasts. There are approximately 3 months of the Texas year when all of the ingredients are in season together. We are at the tail end of tomatoes, so I encourage you to have a migas kind of weekend. I can promise you that we will be making them!

Loncito is the lamb man extraordinaire around these parts. Everything I have ever bought from him I have thoroughly loved. He has started making a lamb chorizo (Lonrizo) that is mind blowingly good. Not too greasy with a perfect lamb/spice balance. If you are in central Texas, it is well worth tracking down his products. Its a bonus if you get to actually meet and talk to Loncito. He is a treasure.

The plain peaches on the side are the perfect amount of sweet and acid to the spicy, delicious taco. I can’t wait for this weekend!!!

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1 small onion, chopped

2 c tomatoes, chopped

1-2 jalepenos, diced

6 eggs, beat

1/3 c Brazos Valley jack cheese

1 lb Lonrizo

However many Paqui Tortillas it takes to eat it up.

To cook chorizo, heat a pan, add the meat, break up and cook until brown and cooked through. I found I had to add a little oil, the meat was so lean. This is not usually necessary with other chorizo products.

Heat a pan with butter and olive oil. Add onions and jalepenos to cook. Once onions are translucent or even a little brown, add tomatoes. The trick here is to cook most all of the moisture out of the tomatoes so the eggs will cook properly. Add the eggs and cook to desired consistency. When the eggs are almost done, stir in crushed chips. Turn off heat and add cheese to the top. Let melt while you heat the tortillas. If you have a gas stove, turn it on to medium flame and using tongs or your hands, flip the tortillas over the flame until they are hot.

Put the tortilla on a plate and load ’em up! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading,

Not That Martha

And, thank you California for repealing the h8 proposition!

*All mouthwatering photography by my dear friend Sarah Wilson, thank you, thank you!